Sunday, May 26, 2013


The kids getting ready to go on the paddleboats- April 27th at the Bridgeland Nature Fest.

Storey was spending time over at my mom's house and had a little bathroom accident.
Grandma: I don't have any extra underwear for you to change into, Storey.
Storey:  That's okay, Grandma.  I'll just borrow your REALLY BIG underwear.

Went to Muffins and Moms at Storey's preschool. Each kid had filled out a survey about his/her mom. 
One of the questions: What does your mom do for fun?
Storey's answer: She likes to clean the bathroom and the kitchen floors.

No wonder I have so many social engagements.
After they read her answers out loud, Storey turned to me and said, "I know one more thing you like to do mom. Sit and stare at the wall." 

Nailed it.

Jakson busted his face a few weeks ago trying to fly and I got a phone call from a couple of days later from school letting me know that he claimed he "broke his foot" playing soccer.   When his therapist pointed out that he was walking (nay, running) on it still, he told her that he was walking fine when he broke his thumb too, but that didn't mean it wasn't broken.



Megan said...

I love your children. They are so hilarious. Miss you guys.

cnydalynn said...

now that is some funny stuff. love these little stories

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