Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Favorite movie: Bill Nye the Science Guy
Favorite TV show:  Dino Dan (a show he's only seen twice, but whatever)
Favorite music: Imagine Dragons
Favorite book: Magic Treehouse, Dinosaur Cove, and Harry Potter
Favorite book character: Jack and Annie (from Magic Treehouse)
Favorite friend: Natalie North
Favorite school subject(s): Math and science
Favorite thing to do: Play computer games
Favorite food: Indian food
Favorite place to go: The Children's Museum or Disneyland
Favorite animal: Frog
How many teeth lost when you were six: Two.
What you want to be when you grow up: Paleontologist
Best thing that happened when you were six: When I got to visit Natalie in Phoenix. 
What do you hope happens when you are seven: I hope I don't break another bone.  I hope I get Angry Birds Legos (do they even make these???).  I want to go to Natalie's house again. 
Seven year old goal: I want to give more piggy back rides to my sister (Aim high, son. Aim high).

Looks like we don't need to save up for a lavish vacation anytime soon since all he wants to do is hang out in Phoenix.  


Holly North said...

Awwww. Well, you guys are always welcome!!

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