Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drive fast and take chances

I will get to Disney posts, but I have to record this Storey-ism before it is forgotten.

 Storey in one of her more serene moments.  She is VERY serious about ballet.  Very.

On the way home from church today, Storey was continuously making obnoxious noises, singing loudly, picking fights with her brother, and not listening to our numerous requests to be quieter and calm down.  Finally, she was threatened with having her talking privileges revoked for the remainder of the time in the car (this is the worst punishment for Storey EVER).

Storey: I wish I was a mom so I could drive in the car alone.

Me: Unfortunately, when you are a mom, you rarely are in the car alone.  You'll have screaming kids in the back.

Storey: I would drive alone and make a lot of noise.  I would also play and be loud.  And play and play and play.

Zak: I don't think you'll be getting a driver's license if that's your plan.

Storey:  I'll drive fast.

Me: Storey, you're kind of digging yourself a hole.  I'd just stop talking.

Zak: You do realize that mom and dad are the ones that decide if you get to drive.  Right now you've told us that you are going to not pay attention at all and drive fast.  

Storey:  Don't worry, I'll only drive fast in really big neighborhoods.


Vanessa said...

what a funny exchange. She makes me smile :)

Susannah said...

Haha. This is wonderful! It's adorable to see how little brains work.

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