Saturday, March 16, 2013

Best Trip Ever-Part One

*Disclaimer.  The "Best Trip Ever" posts are going to be long and detailed.  Feel free to skip them. 


I've been procrastinating these posts because I know they are going to take forever to write, but I want to document everything before I start forgetting details. 

Disneyland 2013 was truly the best trip we've ever taken together.  The kids did awesome, we rode everything, stayed in the parks every day from open to close, and dealt with little to no tantrum/meltdown behavior.  A miracle in and of itself.  I think we've finally got the hang of this Disneyland thing!!  It was an amazing vacation (though I sort of need a vacation from the vacation now-going to Disney is NOT relaxing!).  I kind of want to go back and do it again tomorrow.
Our trip started out a little rough when we arrived at the airport, sat around for an hour and then found out that our flight was going to be delayed for several more hours.  We were glad that we'd packed Lunchables for the kids and lots of snacks.  And that Pappasitos takeout was right around the corner.  That sort of saved the day.

Our best purchase this year for travel was a little MP3 player for each of the kids.  I got them on Amazon for about $12 each.  Uploaded on each was a variety of Princess songs (Storey only), Imagine Dragons, Dave Ramsey Junior books, and audio VeggieTales stories.  It was great because the kids had total control over their music (and could listen to Radioactive over and over and over without driving the rest of us crazy).  Storey entertained quite a few of the people waiting for our plane with her loud, I-have-earphones-in, singing and crazy dance moves.  

Once the plane arrived, we were able to be the first on (I explained that Jakson has autism and they let us pre-board).  That was great because then he was able to get used to the plane and our seats, take a bathroom break, etc without a huge crowd around.   The flight was thankfully uneventful.

We arrived in Orange County, had a family reunion in the airport, and headed over to the hotel to check in.  I was so glad that after almost 30 days of bidding, we were able to get the same hotel we stayed in last year.  Free breakfast.  This time I asked for adjoining rooms with Aunt Megan and Uncle Kiefer, which was really fun.  Once we unpacked, we ate at the only place I ever crave, Cafe Rio.   Please someone open one in Houston.

The next morning, we headed out bright and early to the Happiest Place on Earth where the longest line we waited in was the one to get in the gates.  What a bust that was.


Anne said...

That Storey is just Peggy all over again!

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