Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Very serious

Playing Uno (his current favorite game) on his Friday off last week. The game went on and on and on.  He kept purposely losing so it would last longer. 

At dinner tonight, the prayer (Jakson's turn) went something like this:
"Please bless the food. Please bless us to have a good day tomorrow. Please bless that me and Mommy will stop fighting about if cheese is a fruit, vegetable, or grain. (??????) Please bless the missionaries."

Needless to say, Zak and I were not very good examples of reverence during that prayer. But it was answered as surprisingly, Jak and I have not fought about the cheese's rightful category at all this evening.

Take that prayer naysayers.


In other news.
Yesterday, the director of Jak's program called me in the middle of the day just to tell me a funny story about him.  That's the kind of school he goes to.  I love it.

The kids were taught a lesson about discrimination.   At lunch Miss Nikki (the director) received a special visitor in her office.  Jakson was very concerned at the "discrimination in the school bathroom."  A little worried and not sure exactly what he was talking about, she asked him to show her.   He pointed to the cabinet clearly marked "adults only" under the sink.  Nikki, feeling quite relieved, explained that it wasn't discrimination, merely a way to keep the kids out of the cleaning supplies kept in the cabinet. 

We can  all feel safer to know that we have a member of the discrimination police among us.  He's very serious.


Amy Do. said...

I love this so much!

Veronica said...

Wow, that first picture looks freakishly like your husband!!

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