Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A lesson in anatomy


FHE on Monday night was our annual rehearsal entitled, What to do if you get lost at Disneyland.

There are four main things to remember:
-stay where you are
-don't freak out (this is especially important for Jakson)
-find a mom or a Disneyland cast member
-show them your ID card.

Not difficult, but we wanted to be thorough.  Which is when the following conversation ensued.

Me: Storey, who do we look for to help us if we are lost?
Storey: A mom or a worker.
Me: How do you know if someone works at Disneyland?
Storey: They have a nametag!
Me:  Great!  Now, how do you know if someone is a mom?
Storey: (Blank stare).  Oh I know!  If she has these on her (uses hands to make cup shapes on her chest).  And long hair! 
Me: Hmm...well, not exactly the answer I was looking for.  I was thinking more along the lines of KIDS.  But I guess BOOBS work too.

There you have it.  According to Storey, find the boobs if you are lost.


Anne said...

Everything is from a kids eye view. And that is what Storey sees when she looks up.

KatieB said...

Very important lesson :) we had at least two instances of one of our kids missing at Disney world two weeks ago. It was always less than five minutes that we were separated but maybe if I'd done your fhe lesson We'd have had less tears.

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