Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trash Update

Awhile ago I mentioned in passing that we were collecting trash and selling it to save up for our Disney trip next month.  And when I say "trash" I don't meet old Coke cans or something.  I mean furniture, baby items, perfectly good serviceable, some almost new items that we find on the side of the road.  Once I even found an antique ice cream maker.   People throw away the craziest stuff.  Which is why we decided to use other people's trash to pay for our trip.

At first we weren't sure how much we'd really find to sell, so we just made the goal to pay for our tickets.  But after 1 1/2 months and more than enough to pay for tickets, we decided go big or go home.  So we budgeted out the trip, airplane tickets and all (we aren't skimping here-we budgeted as if we are eating in the park every day.  Not cheap) and came to the nice large number of $2100 .  In less than 5 months.  A lofty goal.  And honestly, we weren't sure if it was achievable.

I am here to say that thanks to the wastefulness of our neighbors (and a couple of items donated by family and friends to sell), we will definitely be reaching that number.  And some.  At this moment we have over $1800 and about 4 weeks left to go.   Zak and I high five each other over this achievement basically on a daily basis.

If you want to follow our trash shenanigans and see our fund grow, I've set up a little blog here: Trash to Disney

Best story ever:  We have a few cardinal rules about trash picking.  No mattresses (ew), no couches (really nothing involving fabric), and no electronics.  Mainly because I don't want to blow up.  But as I was driving through the neighborhood Tuesday morning, I spotted a large flat screen TV.  Breaking one of the rules I went ahead and picked it up, just in case.  When Zak got home, he was quite excited to tinker with it and did a little research online.  A couple of You Tube videos later and he had figured out the problem.  It would cost less than $5 to fix.  And the same exact TV sells on Amazon for about $800!!

But it gets better.  The next day as he was researching the exact part that he would need and getting ready to order, he came across an article regarding a recall and that particular model television.  Come to find out, the manufacturer will send someone out to our house to fix the TV for free and then there is a warranty on it for eighteen months!  Can you even believe that?  Craziest, most awesome trash find by far.

Unless you count the creepy Santa we picked up right after Christmas....



*katie said...

No way!! So extremely awesome! Everything about this whole post is awesome! The money you've made, the TV, the warranty AND that crazy Santa. Way to go!!

Emily S. said...

I need to live in your neighborhood! I'm amazed with all the trash finds!!!

MnM said...

I just found your blog, we too are trying to plan a disneyland trip for next year.Where did you sell all of this "trash"?

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