Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deck the Halls 2012

Christmas was so fun this year.  The kids are the perfect age for all of the magic of the holiday.   Though I do need to remember that Christmas Eve is the most whiny, dramatic day of the year and just expect it.  The anticipation is apparently too much.  


As usual, we got the kids three presents and then they also received one gift from Santa.  They get a lot of presents from aunts and uncles (who spoil them) as well.


Jakson wasn't real keen on having his picture taken Christmas morning (too busy with other things), but Storey always loves to ham it up for the camera.   Jakson, if you are reading this twenty years from now and want to know why there aren't any pictures of you Christmas morning 2012, I just want you to realize, it's your own dang fault.

 After opening presents at our house, we went over the Grandma/Grandpa Criddle's new house and opened gifts there.  Leanna got us "J Dawg" sauce (BBQ sauce) from Provo and when we opened it Jakson yelled, "Worst present ever!"  Nice.  Since then he has tried it and actually really likes it.  This is considered his public apology to Aunt Leanna for being so rude. 

Darn kids.


Leanna said...

hahaha I think he only said that because he thought it was mustard, which if it was, really would have been the worst present ever

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