Sunday, January 27, 2013


What we're watching:
Zak- Insanity.  Every morning he gets up to exercise.  I'm in awe of his dedication.  I hate mornings.
Beth- Pretty Little Liars.  Don't knock it til you try it.  It's a great mindless show to watch while I eat lunch or sew.
Jakson- Harry Potter.  Since finishing the first two books, we have let Jak watch the first two movies.  And of course he wants to see them over and over and over again.  He's started talking in "Parseltongue" on occasion, which sounds cuter than it actually is. 
Storey- Care Bears.  Seriously.  She is obsessed.  Thank goodness for the library.

Favorite part of the week:
Zak-  I'm honestly not sure what his answer would be.  Probably any time he gets to spend with yours truly.  Or when he gets to say "You're right" to me.  That happens a lot.

Beth- The moments I get to read in the bath.  Glorious.
Jakson- Thursday's at school = science experiment days.  Honestly, I don't think this was the case until Jakson started at the school.  He wants to do an experiment EVERY day, so they are limiting it to one, expected day.  Every Thursday he packs up one of his experiment books with a bookmarked project that ties in to the current science curriculum.  A budding nerd, that one.
Storey- Dance class.  The other girls kind of mess around during class, but Storey is super serious.  I've never seen her so focused on anything.  It's hilarious.

What we are loving:
Zak-  The 92 Honda Accord.  Not only does it get him from point A to point B, it is completely paid for and he can replace parts on it/figure out how to fix it without worrying that he's going to mess up a car worth thousands of dollars.  Plus all the guys at work are totally jealous of his sweet ride. 

Beth-  My new point and shoot camera.  So small and convenient.
Jakson- Angry Birds.  Drawing them especially.

Storey- Having someone measure her.  On a daily basis she finds a measuring tape and asks us to see if she's grown any taller.  Someone is very excited about our Disney trip.

A goal:
Zak- Get a beach body.    Just kidding.  He said save for a house.  AND get a beach body.
Beth- Put together up to date 72 hour kits for the family.  I'm determined to do this by the end of February.  I've been trying to accomplish one goal a month.  January was organize/declutter the house.  It was somewhat motivated by our Disney fund, but also the fact that normally we move every year and there's a natural purge process as I pack, but we haven't moved in 18 months (!!!) and I HATE "stuff."  I have the house broken up into 40 different areas to organize to make it more manageable and we've done a pretty good job.   Just gotta finish that up.
Jakson- Be nicer to his sister.  They wrote New Year's resolutions at school and this was his.
Storey-  Learn to ride a bike without training wheels.  Frankly I think she's a little young, but because her older brother is doing it, she has to as well.


cj said...

Love your writing style Beth! This post will be so fun for you guys to look back on. (And now I have that jingle in my head....beach body!)

Jen said...

Okay Beth...Pretty Little Liars? Common'! I'm knockin' it waaaaay before I try it. What about Dirty Jobs...or Mythbusters...or Grey's Anatomy? I understand the need for mondless television watching..but, PLL?????

Jen said...


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