Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December Stuff

We've decided to simplify our Christmas activities this year so that I can actually follow through with them better.  Rather than have an advent calendar, AND Christmas books to read each night, AND activities written down elsewhere for us to do each day, I've consolidated it all.  This year we open a wrapped Christmas book each evening, read it, and then discuss the Christmas themed activity that we will be doing the next day.  I've got lots of ideas that are local, easy, free, and that way I don't have to plan the whole thing at the beginning of the month before I even really know what is going on with school activities, etc.

Not as cute, but hey, it works.

 Our Elf on the Shelf (aka Charlie) is probably not as cute as yours either, but I don't want him doing anything naughty so there goes three quarters of the fantastic ideas on Pinterest (some of them really are hilarious).  I don't really understand the whole naughty Elf thing.  Isn't he at your house to bribe your kids to be good????

In other news...
  • Still haven't finished up my Thankful Thirty.  Should probably get on that.
  • Storey declared this morning that she is very worried that she is never going to get married because A) it's against the law to marry your brother and B) she doesn't have a boyfriend yet.  
  • Jakson refers his friends at school as "The Autism Kids."  So not politically correct.  So not going to correct him.
  • The kids ran out into the rain this afternoon to rescue some stickers they'd left out there.  They covered their heads with dinner plates to keep dry.  Ingenious.
  • Zak and I are doing a little service project on Saturday.  24 photo sessions in 2 hours.  Clients pay in toy donations to Toys for Toys.  Hoping to make it an annual thing.
  • Storey let me know that when we go on the Pooh Bear ride (Disneyland), she's riding with Jakson.  Then she said, "That means you'll ride with Daddy.  What are you going to do the whole time?  Kiss?"  She knows us so well.... 
  • Every day Storey informs me that "today is Christmas."  It's getting annoying.  I probably need to harness my inner craft and make one of those countdown paper chains. 


FamilyKolbaba said...

Hey, what are the local, easy and free ideas??? I came up with 20 activities for ours and put mints in the other four bags, but I couldn't come up with an outing.

Vanessa said...

I have a great nephew and niece--they crack me up!

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