Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Week 2012

Obviously, I'm a LITTLE behind on my Thankful Thirty, but I have two good excuses: Grandma and Grandpa Vermillion.   They are getting ready to leave on a mission to Frankfurt, Germany, so we are really taking advantage of the time we have with them.   We have gone on a "field trip" (as the kids call it) to San Antonio, hosted Pie Night, visited the alligators, eaten Thanksgiving dinner, gorged ourselves on pie, decorated "Christmas" cookies, wrapped presents, shopped, and did I mention pie?

Grandma wanted me to make sure that I included Grandpa decorating cookies in the pictures.  Apparently his participation is nigh unto hell freezing over.  Maybe the Mayans are right about the end of the world.  Grandpa's decorating = 23 days, folks.   Better repent.

The headcount at the alligator park was 18.  This time around the visitor's center was open so we were able to touch a real alligator and pet a snake.  And then Storey came down with pink eye.  Coincidence?

Remembering the Alamo.


While in San Antonio, we stayed in a really cool historic hotel on the Alamo grounds.  I love Priceline.  Because of a mistake on the hotel's part, we ended up with a suite and free breakfast!  I didn't take any pictures, but we also visited the San Antonio Zoo where the kids will tell you we saw a dancing bear and smelled monkeys. 

Thursday we ate Thanksgiving dinner with some friends from our congregation.  At one point we went around the table saying one thing we are grateful for.  When it was Jakson's turn, he said, "I'm thankful for my first friend, Natalie."  Oh my.  I almost got teary right there.  

It was such a fun visit with grandparents.  I'm excited that we'll get to see them again in January!

PS-After I wrote this I read it out loud to Jakson because he wanted to know what I'd written.  Then I had to listen to "Did I mention pie?" repeated about 300 times in a row.  The things this child decides to echo over and over.  Humorous and annoying in the same breath.  (FYI-That's called echolalia and A LOT of kids with autism do it.)


Vanessa said...

sounds like a lot of fun crammed into a short time!

Shenna Coates said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet is that! I love what he said about Natalie. So cute. Did Storey end up really having pink eye then? Eek! I hope nobody else gets it!

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