Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Thirty: 9 to 11

 Friday Off

Zak has every other Friday off (well, in theory.  Often it doesn't happen).   Storey and Jakson both have school on Fridays which means that Zak and I can go on a hot date every other week (if the stars align) without hiring a sitter or imposing on a relative.   And when I say "hot date, " I mean we can do our grocery shopping for the week and hold hands.  Don't be jealous about how awesome and romantic we are.


Just kidding.  I'm totally not grateful for camping.  But I am thankful that I have a sense of humor.  And so is Zak.  Because otherwise I'm pretty sure he'd be sleeping on the couch for awhile.  Condensed back story: We went camping last night.  First time for me.  It was a colossal bust.  All Zak's fault. 

Friends who rejoice with me

Today was our church's Primary program.  It's an annual event when the kids in the congregation are the stars of the show.  Storey, of course, wants to speak every Sunday so she was more than happy to get up and say her part.  BUT Jakson has refused every year to participate in any program, including when the kids get up to sing for Mother's/Father's Day, sometimes to the point where he hides under the bench for the whole hour because it gives him so much anxiety.    After the trick or treat victory, we were feeling hopeful about his willingness to be involved.  At the first practice he refused to go up on the stand, kicking and yelling at me when I tried to force the issue.  Instead we just sat and watched for awhile.  After about 30 minutes (and a good hand/head massage), he sort of got used to the idea and figured out that he probably wasn't going to die if he just sat up there.  The next week, he got up and practiced his part in front of the class and the next he actually used the microphone.

The real test came today. The actual program in front of an actual audience.  When they called the kids to line up, Jakson walked calmly in single file with the other kids and took his seat.  No problems.  I was a little worried that once he got up to the microphone to say his short part he would flip out and refuse.  But he surprised us all by getting up, repeating off the lines he had memorized, and acting like "oh, I do this all the time."  In fact, without knowing different, a person wouldn't have even realized that he wasn't a seasoned pro.  Well, unless they happened to glance at me and see my tears.  I sort of lost it.  I honestly never thought we would get to this point.  He has come so far.

Afterwards, quite a few friends came over to rejoice with me.  I am so grateful for those friends who  acknowledged what a big deal this was for us because it made the milestone that much better.   Good friends that understand my struggles really make so much difference.


Shenna said...

That is so wonderful that he did his part in the program!!! Made me cry just reading about it! Yay!!!!!!

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