Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thankful Thirty-3 and 4

Eyes to see

This year I've had a couple of problems with my eyes.  Nothing serious, just minor issues that were discovered and taken care of quickly.  But it's made me think about how much I appreciate having sight and all of the things I would miss without it.   Seeing my kids smile, watching Zak chew his tongue, reading in the bathtub....  I am grateful that although my mascara might not always be perfect and I have to wear glasses or contacts at all times to avoid running into things, my eyes work great. 

The library

Speaking of reading, I have a goal this year to read 100 books.  I'm not exactly sure I'm going to make it to 100 (I'm at 72 right now and don't think I'll be able to fit in roughly 30 books by the time 2012 is over), but it has been fun to try!  I've started taking a book with me everywhere I go.  Sometimes the only moment in the day I have time to read is in the car line at preschool pick up.   I love that I can put books on hold at the library and be in and out in just a couple of minutes with a stack of exciting new reads.   My weekly library visits are one of the highlights of my (and the kids) week.  I am also so glad I don't have to buy all of the dinosaur, Lego, and Stars Wars books that Jakson is currently obsessed with, especially since he wants to read them once and then go back for more. 

Libraries are a great invention.


Shenna said...

Libraries are the best. I'm not sure I'll reach my 100 either, but it was a good try! :)

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