Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photographic Evidence

We have not been able to convince Jakson to trick or treat in the last six years.

I take that back.  One year we lived in Phoenix he went with his best friend Natalie, but I'm not sure that counts since he would do anything if it involved her.  She is the best human bribery ever.

Mainly he wants nothing to do with trick or treating because A) it's new and possibly scary (everything that is new is "possibly scary" to Jakson)  and B) it involves candy which is not his favorite.  If people were handing out Indian food, he'd be all over that.  Candy, not so much. 

Instead of trick or treating, he's handed out candy year after year but it's getting to the point where Storey knows she is missing something (that girl is a candy fiend) and quite frankly he should quit being scared of everything that is new.  So we decided that 2012 was THE year for trick or treating.  Thank goodness he is going to an incredible school that not only wrote him a social story all about costumes and the Halloween tradition that involves knocking doors (complete with tactics such as count to 10 and breathe deeply should he come across a, heaven forbid, princess) BUT they also role played trick or treating every day for an entire week.   And a whole class of teachers/therapists came dressed as princesses (NO!! The horrors!) today and a therapist MADE HIM GO AND LOOK AT THEM!!  

I could cry with happiness.  

Legend has it that after seeing the princesses in the room he calmly asked her if they could walk somewhere else.  As in, he actually used one of the methods for coping that he has been taught and didn't completely fall apart!!!!!

AMAZE to the ING.

Since it's been such a red letter day, we decided to push our luck and took him out tonight.  Here is photographic evidence that he did indeed walk up to someone's house, knock, wait without freaking out, and politely took candy with a "thank you."  


I am so proud.  And hopeful.  I am in hopes that next year he will realize that trick or treating doesn't kill you and will want to go just like every other kid in America.    It's the little things. I realize that other parents don't think twice about this kind of stuff.  I certainly don't with Storey.  What red-blooded child doesn't want a bunch of free sweets??!??

I think it helped immensely that we went with familiar kids (strength in numbers, right?) and it was great for me to have a couple friends there who were excited for him/me too.   Plus of course Zak, who was praying the whole night that Storey would tip over again in her costume.  Happened the other night and sadly, the adults were laughing so hard that it took a few minutes for anyone to get around to helping her back up.

Speaking of Storey, she definitely made out with the biggest haul of candy.  Our theory is it's because she had the cutest costume in the history of Halloween.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but there it is.  Or because her arms were too short to maneuver around her costume to get candy from the bowls people would hold out to the kids.  She looked so sad and pathetic reaching for the candy and missing that the person at the door would scoop up handfuls and put it in her bag for her.    Either way she is in sugar heaven and has picked out the candies that she wants to eat with her lunch and dinner (she gets one at each of those meals) for the next several days.  I think when she is older, she will be the type to inventory everything in a notebook.  Hm.  Wonder where she gets that from?


Steve said...

This made our day. It is truly a miracle in many ways...probably the most with those angelic teachers and their great program. And not to mention the patient, YES PATIENT, parents. This post brought alligator tears to our eyes. Boy, do we love those cute kids!!!

Megan said...

Yay!!!! We are so excited for Jak. What a big step for him. I was going to try and video chat you guys tonight to see how the kids did with trick or treating, I am glad it was such a success. I was crying from laughing so hard at the story about Storey falling over in her costume. She looks so adorable in her costume, you did a great job.

Vanessa said...

I'm so happy to hear about Jakson's milestone. You sure have some great kids :)

Kerry said...

That is such great news! What an accomplishment! Congrats all around!

Storey's costume is so perfect. I love it! You are so talented, Beth!


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Yay! This is HUGE! Their costumes are super cute by the way. :)

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