Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Wheels

Most of Jakson's friends started riding a bike without training wheels a long time ago.  Like years ago.  But Jak has been holding off on this jump in development, though I'm not entirely sure why.  I think most of it was anxiety about falling over (ironic since he falls on his own on purpose so often).

Last week Zak and I decided that he really needed to learn.  Mostly because we'd like him to keep up with his peers as much as possible.  I want him to be able to ride bikes with his friends and not have training wheels holding him back or providing another avenue for teasing/bullying.  We picked a day and warned Jak that we would be taking off the training wheels.

The dreaded day arrived.  He was very afraid.  In fact, he hid under the car in the garage when Zak got out the tools and would yell "stop!" once in awhile.    Zak reassured him that he would be right there the whole time, holding onto the bike and wouldn't let him fall.   Finally, Jak seemed to get used to idea/realized it was inevitable (or maybe the draw to use tools was just too much?), so he started helping Zak take the wheels off.

DSC_5051edit DSC_5044edit

Just as he had promised, Zak started out by holding the bike for Jakson, but he surprisingly did not need a whole lot of help.  In fact, he was riding the bike completely by himself after about 20 minutes.  Zak and I were pretty shocked.  And a little mad at ourselves for not making him overcome his anxiety earlier.  Now all he wants to do is ride his bike for hours every evening.  Two wheels means a lot more freedom!



rawhide said...

looks like he´s concentrating so hard. way to go JAK!!!

Vanessa said...

Nice work! I'm happy to see him enjoying his new found freedom.

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