Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Last April after finding out that our insurance would not cover the therapy/school we want/need Jakson to attend, I applied for a scholarship. I received a call in May from the scholarship foundation letting me know that the $5,500/month that we needed for him was just not a feasible amount, so I gave up and transferred him within the district to a (hopefully) better school.   This summer I've constantly worried how successful he would be in that environment.    Open concept (basically no walls between the classroom), mean kids, playing in a way that he doesn't understand, not being pushed academically, no differentiated instruction....

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from the same scholarship foundation letting me know that they had a board meeting, went over Jakson's application again, realized that after their recent fundraiser they can cover the cost and will be awarding him the scholarship for the next four months (you have to reapply every four months).   A Christmas miracle.

I have been reflecting on the way my prayer was answered with this school situation compared to the Deskimony incident.  Each time my prayer was sincere.  I had righteous desires and faith that the Lord would provide.  Specifically this time around, we have been praying that Zak would find a job with insurance that would cover the therapy/school.  In fact, we've been praying this exact prayer for almost three years.    If you look at it objectively, we really haven't had our prayer answered.   Zak has not been able to get a job with insurance that will cover 40 hours/week of therapy.  BUT our prayers HAVE been answered.  The Lord has given us the means to provide Jakson with the schooling we have been asking for, just in a way that we didn't anticipate was possible.  

It's a testament to me that the Lord knows us, has a plan, sees all, and often knows that we need our faith stretched a bit by waiting until the eleventh hour to step in. 


Julia said...

that is incredible! Our little guy is entering prek, we are going to try a public preschool but he will have a special ed TA and support with speech/OT. Its in a good school district so I'm hopeful, we will see.

I will likely be reading your blog to gain insight into asd/school/ect.

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