Sunday, September 30, 2012


  • Storey has a variety of speech issues, including her wicked lisp that she uses to spit on unsuspecting victims.   One of my favorites is the crazy accent that comes out when she says "toilet".   She pronounces it TELL-IT.  I've tried to correct her but, much like Lina Lamont (name that movie), she doesn't seem to be capable of fixing it.   

  • Whenever Zak and I are hugging, Jakson comes along and weasels himself into the middle so he doesn't miss out on the hug.  Never fails.  It's a very endearing trait. 

  • After more than two years of sleeping on a mattress on the floor (we sold our headboard/footboard when we moved into the Utah townhouse), we finally got a metal bed frame.  I feel so grown up.  Possibly because the bed seems so much taller.   I won't tell you where we got the bed frame except to say that we saved the environment and it was free.  You can make your own guesses.

  • Storey has decided that the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music is the last week of September. At this rate, I'm going to be sick of "Jingle Bells" by Halloween.
  • We now have $367 in our Disney fund.  And the kids like to tell people we are a "trash picking family."   Keepin' it classy.

  • Every Sunday evening we've been watching a movie together as a family.  A couple of weeks ago, the movie was Robin Hood (Disney version).  As a result, our entire dinner conversation was dominated by a very concerned Jakson regarding whether or not we pay our taxes.  Ooo-de-lally!

  • Storey has become even more friendly lately (I didn't think that was possible!).  She literally waves and says hello to every.single.person we pass.  It's good and bad.  A bad example:  She asked a woman at the grocery store if she was a boy or a girl. To her face. I could have died. 
  • Jakson started school this week.  I could cry (and maybe I do sometimes) when I think about what a major blessing this is for him and for us.  Already they are addressing some things that were completely overlooked in the public school.  I am thrilled.  

  • Jakson also made his first "your mom" joke recently.  I am doing something right.
          Jakson: Mom, where are my brown cars?  
          Me: I don't know. I think you left them at home in the basket. 
          Jakson: Your mom is at home in the basket.


rawhide said...

bah ha ha...i about died with Jak´s your mom joke. you really must be doing soemthing right.
also, what kind of camera do you have....i love those pictures and the colors. i want to get a camera and use it on my trips. (you can post it as a comment on my blog if that´s ok).

shauntel said...

singing in the rain. right?
oh, and i'm jealous of your "trash picking" successes. totally awesome.

Kerry said...

Singing in the Rain is the movie!

And that Jak 'Your Mom' joke is hilarious!

Holly North said...

So cool, Jak! Today Ella asked me if we could get pickles at Sam's Club and I said no, to which she responded loudly, "You're killin' me, smalls!" Oh, and that Robin Hood is one of Phil's favorite movies!

Megan said...

Yesssss... I knew he was a Vermillion and now the "Your Mom" joke just solidifies that fact. I love all the updates, especially Storey's friendly questions. Hahaha. That is so embarrassing.

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