Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One man's trash is another man's Disney trip.


The first year our family went to Disneyland, our trip was mostly paid for with the "Give a Day, Get a Day" promotion.  The next year we used our coupon savings and last year we used some of the Etsy shop earnings.   Our goal is to always use money that isn't part of our normal monthly budget.  

When Zak and I started talking about next year's trip we decided to make two changes.

One: Disney World instead of Disneyland
Two: Save in a way that involves the kids a lot more.  They understand that they give up some "extras" in order to go on our yearly trips, but they are getting old enough (and money management is something we want them to understand at a young age) to really be a part of the whole saving process.

After tossing around a couple of ideas (My brainchild: make vinyl signs that say "No soliciting" and have the kids sell them door to door.  Still brilliant.), but finally settled on one.

This year we are earning money for Disney by selling trash.

Crazy?  Even crazier-we have earned $300 so far, JUST THIS MONTH (and the month is not over yet)!  

Our neighborhood is on the ghetto side, which is awesome because they throw everything away.   From artificial trees to perfectly good strollers, refrigerators, desks, dollhouses, bookshelves, literally the kitchen sink....   You name it, I can find it on the side of the road on trash day.   A lot of the stuff we give to friends/family that I know can use it, some we donate just to keep it out of the landfill, and some we sell.


The great thing is there is no up front investment, the kids are helping out (and so excited!!), they are full participating in the saving effort, we are teaching them first hand about paying tithing, and it's working better then we ever anticipated.  My goal originally was to earn $200/month, but we have already exceeded that.   Not sure if it will keep up, but I hope it does!   And our local Goodwill is benefiting because I've been dropping off quite a bit there that I don't feel like selling but hate to see in the trash.  Win. Win. Win.

Edited to add: Zak wants me to clarify that we are not white trash.  Though it does sound like it from this post.  We are merely saving the environment.  But we're not tree huggers either.   Not sure what category we fall into actually.   People who make money in unconventional ways?   The kids say we're a "trash picking family" but I just hope they don't call us that to their teachers at school.  We might get some phone calls.


Cerise said...

I think that is a BRILLIANT idea. So do you sell the stuff on Craigslist...or Ebay? Do you fix it up first...okay, that might be a silly question. Our neighbors are constantly cleaning out stuff and sometimes it kills me to drive by fantastic pieces, that either need just a little TLC or in some cases nothing at all.
I also love how you are involving the kids. Inspiring post.

bethany said...

There's a Facebook page here for local selling that I use quite a bit and Craigslist. I haven't had to resort to Ebay for this stuff yet-most everything I pick up is pretty big and would be a beast to ship.

I clean everything up/wash covers and that sort of thing, but I try to pick up things that are in decent condition and don't need a ton of work. I've thought about painting stuff and then selling, but I just don't think I'd get the return on it that I want. So I sell it for cheap, but that way it doesn't sit in my garage for very long and I got it for free anyway.

Vanessa said...

sounds like a fun project/hobby. good luck on keeping the cash coming!!

rawhide said...

dear beth.....YOU ARE AWESOME!!! i think i need to be more like you. i love to go on trips and i would love to have extra money from some other source. and, i hope that someday when i have kids that i can be as cool of a mom as you. love it!

sewdelightful said...

You are amazing! I love it! Disney World is really fun!

Megan said...

DW2013!!! I loved and laughed out loud at the edited section.

Kerry said...

Your genius ideas never cease to stop!

We just got back from Disney World last night; it's a blast! You guys are going to have the best time!


Charlotte Strickland said...

What a great idea! Maybe I need to do this for our trips to Disney World! We are going every year and did 2 trips last year. :) Just came back from a wonderful trip again last month. Already planning for another next year!

Bohemian Beetnik said...

Loving this blog! I was searching for Disney stuff when I stumbled upon your site. I love everything about it! I love that your kids are (were?) the same age as my kids, we are leaving for DW in 2 weeks (and go to DL quiet often with our season passes so your tips are quite helpful), I love that you do things on the cheap like making your own Disney shirts (I will be making our Disney family shirts for DW soon), and I LOVE the trash to cash idea! Seriously, I could be you! I'm frugal to a fault (according to my husband) but he never complains about saving money in the end. You are inspiring and I can't wait to read the rest of your blog!!! Keep it up!

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