Saturday, September 15, 2012

Build a Bridge

Jakson is really into Legos.  He loves to build his own robot creations, cars, and flying contraptions.  He's been begging Zak to help him create a BIG bridge for awhile.  Jakson is convinced that since Zak "builds roads" as a living, he must also know how to build bridges. 


Honestly, I think the real motivation behind building a bridge is that Jak wants to be featured in the Lego magazine he gets every month.   It's all about the fame.


mcpn said...

Jackson needs to find a FIRST LEGO League Team! If he loves LEGOS and robots, he will love FLL. I work with the group that sponsors FLL in Nebraska. Teams are forming now as registration with the international sponsoring organization, FIRST, will end in the next two weeks. For more information and a "team finder" tool, visit

Vanessa said...

that is such a nice picture! and a great bridge.

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