Saturday, August 18, 2012

We love you Miss Hannigan.

We went to Miller Outdoor Theater with our friends the Christensens to see "Annie" last night.  It's one of the great things that downtown Houston offers and it's free!  We had never taken the kids to a theater production before mostly because A) they (most of the time) cost money and B) I'm not spending money on something that Jakson may or may not agree to watch.   He has often had serious issues at a movie theater, so it was not really a risk we wanted to take.  For experimentation sake, we figured this was a safe first try. 

Overall, the kids actually did remarkably well.  It helped that they had friends to hang around with and were familiar with the show (though many of the songs were different and that disappointed Storey).  Storey was ENTHRALLED and kept asking me if she could go up on stage.  I told her  maybe she can try out for a play sometime and that seemed to satisfy her.  She informed me that the girl who played Annie didn't do it right because she never said, "Leapin' Lizards!"  Maybe I should have Storey audition as a stage manager and then she can boss everyone around.

Having a little fun before the show started. 

These two are the original frenemies.


Best buds despite a three year age gap. 

Not sure what this face was all about. But it's awesome. 
*All of these images were taken with Zak's phone. While not exactly quality, it's a lot more convenient than hauling around my big camera!


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