Sunday, August 26, 2012

Princess Party

Every year we move the week of Storey's birthday, so she's really not ever gotten much of a celebration.   Poor kid.   This year we weren't moving (something to be happy about on all sorts of levels!), so we went all out with a Pink Princess party.  Storey's dream come true. 
storey party collage

Storey invited five little friends. I made the invitations on PicMonkey (like Picnik) and printed them at Walmart.  Cheesy, yes.  But perfect for a four year old obsessed with princesses.


As the girls arrived, I sent them into the play room to decorate the castle pinata (idea stolen from Design Mom).  After Jakson's Lego party, a pinata was on the top of Storey's party requests.

This picture is so ridiculous, but I couldn't get her to just sit next to the pinata.   She HAD to lean all over it.

DSC_3112edit DSC_3115edit

The girls got to add strips of hot pink tissue paper and princess stickers to the pinata.

storey pinata collage 

Then we had a princess scavenger hunt. All over the house I had taped up pictures of various princesses. On the back of each one I wrote a little poem (clue) leading to the next princess. When the girls found the very last princess, they also found treasure! A pink crown for everyone! 


I found a couple of the little poems for clues online and then I made up the rest.  The pictures I used were coloring pages I printed from the internet. The crowns from Michael's.  

If you are interested, here are the I used clues for the scavenger hunt:
"When Sleeping Beauty needed to rest her head, she waited for the Prince in her bed." (The picture of Sleeping Beauty was taped to the side of Storey's bed).

"Before the ball Cinderella had so much to do, after the ball she lost her shoe."  (The picture of Cinderella was in the shoe basket).

"Belle is known for her good looks, but she loves to read good books."  (Hidden on one of our bookshelves).

"Snow White is friends with all the deer and is the fairest, so says the mirror."  (Taped to the bathroom mirror).

"Ariel thinks having legs is grand, but where can she swim without any sand?" (Taped to the shower wall.  This is where the girls found the treasure).  

Next we played "Pass the Present."  I picked up six necklaces (one for every girl) from a recent Claire's sale for $1 each and wrapped each one in silver wrapping paper.   I read the Cinderella story and each time I said "Cinderella," the girls had to pass the present to the person on her left.  I had no idea it was going to be so confusing for them.  The girls ended up just passing the package to who ever.  Sometimes they were tossed across the circle and sometimes handed to the person next to them.  I didn't care as long as every girl ended up with a package.
 At the end of the story, all the girls opened their packages and each got a cute little necklace.  The story I used is here.

Then we made candy necklaces.  I bought Fruit Loops, peach rings, and any other candy I could find that already had a hole in the middle.  Each girl got a piece of elastic thread and a bag of candy.   This was a little tough for some of the girls (their fine motor skills are not all that great-oops!) so the necklaces weren't full of candy like I had envisioned.  Each girl got about 10 pieces of candy on her necklace and then started eating the rest.  Oh well.

The last game we played was Musical Dress Ups.  This was definitely the hit of the party.  It was actually a game that my mom had us play at my 4th birthday party (5th? I was about Storey's age).  I downloaded a couple of Disney princess songs, had the girls sit in a circle, and pass around a pink princess slipper.  When the song stopped, whoever was holding the slipper had to go and grab an item out of a large bag filled with dress up items.  They weren't allowed to dig through the bag, just take whatever was on top.  I added in pieces from old Halloween costumes (the astronaut helmet for example), all of our Disneyland gear, wings, one of Zak's ties, a Santa hat, capes, feather boas, an apron, and just random accessories from our dress ups.   They thought this was hilarious.  One of the guests' brothers joined in for this game as well. 


Storey's poses kill me.   

Then we sang "Happy Birthday," blew out the candles, and ate princess cake.  


The finale of the party was the pinata.  It was very entertaining to watch the girls in their princess getups pummel the pinata with a golf club.  Classic.  


We are so lucky to have Storey as part of our family.  She may be crazy but without her, our house wouldn't be the same.  She's loud, opinionated, dramatic, loving, helpful, has the most awesome facial expressions, and so good to her brother.   They are best friends.  What a funny little girl.  I can't wait to see what kind of young women she will be someday.


Sabrina said...

You are so creative! Love all the games you had for the party. I bet the girls had such a blast! Emerson would have loved it for sure:)

rawhide said...

So much fun!!!! Storey´s pose in that second picture was awesome. Way to survive the pink princess party Bethh!!!

KatieB said...

i kind of miss the princess phase. party looked awesome! good job!

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