Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sliding Along

I feel like I'm just now recovering from the trip to Utah.

The second day of our trip in Utah, we all drove to the Park City ski resort to go down the Alpine Slide.  I knew the kids would love it but Jakson was really wary about going up the ski lift.  Specifically, he did not want his feet to be off the ground (uh, then why do you climb everything??).  We watched three or four YouTube videos of people going up ski lifts (carefully avoiding the ones titled things like "Johnny falls off the ski lift.").   Zak and I were a little worried that he still wouldn't be willing to go, but wanted to take the family anyway.

Thankfully, everyone got on the lift.  It helped that we had quite a few aunts with us and the kids were promised that they would be able to pick the person to ride with.  Not surprisingly, no one picked mom or dad. 

On the lift with Aunt Tara.


If you ask the kids about it, they will explain the whole set up. According to them, there is a fast slide and a slow slide and they went down the "really fast one." I understand from stories that the reality is, riding with Storey may cause whiplash because she randomly comes to sudden stops on the way down (who put Storey in charge of the speed of the sled?).   Poor Aunt Tara probably had a sore neck on her wedding day.

 DSC_0259edit DSC_0264edit 

 Jakson didn't have a single issue and begged to go down the slide again.  He and Storey went a second time with Grandpa and Tyler. 

DSC_0276edit DSC_0270edit DSC_0279edit

It was a lot of fun!  The kids are begging to go back to Utah and slide again!


Vanessa said...

sounds like a great time was had by all--at least on that part of the trip ;)

Shenna said...

We love the alpine slide! We went on one when we were in CA. Madison is a giant and could ride by herself, which meant when she and her cousin wanted to go again, they had to ride the ski lift by themselves. Talk about a nervous mommy - the guy wouldn't let the adults ride up unless they purchased another ride down. At least she lived through it...

Kristy said...
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