Sunday, July 01, 2012



Part of our daily schedule this summer is to review a scripture story every day.  We pick a picture from the Gospel Art Book and then talk about the story behind it.  Most of them the kids are already pretty familiar with, but it's been great for some gospel discussion and I try to help them understand how we can implement the ancient lessons into our lives now.

This week one of the stories we talked about was Noah's Ark and how the Lord gave Noah instructions to build the boat.  We talked about how the Lord guides us too when we pray.   I guess the "likening the scripture" idea is sort of working because today on the way home from church, Jakson and Storey had the following conversation.

Jakson: I want to ride in a flying car.
Storey: There are no flying cars.
Jakson: Well, maybe when I grow up, I should invent one.  But I don't know how to build it.
Storey:  You should just pray to Heavenly Father and he will give you the instructions to build a flying car.  Right, mom?

Well.....not exactly.


Vanessa said...

Storey is becoming so grown up! What a fun girl :)

rawhide said...

I still just love all of storey and her PINK glory!!!

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