Monday, June 04, 2012

I'd Like to Bear My Deskimony

Jakson came home from Primary a couple of weeks ago and told us that he had learned Heavenly Father answers our prayers in three ways--"yes", "no", and "not yet."   While that is certainly a simplified version, we explained that sometimes Heavenly Father wants to test us a little and knows what is best, which is why "not yet" is often our answer.  Sometimes much to my (not as faith filled as I should be) chagrin. 

But sometimes, it's a simple "yes."

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jen posted on Facebook that she was looking for a fridge for her garage.  Was anyone selling?    After a few days, she posted again that she was still looking for a cheap fridge.  That same day as I was pulling out of my driveway, I spotted a fridge sitting in the lawn of a neighbor down the street.  Curious, I slowly drove past it.  There was a piece of paper taped to the front that read "Free! I work!"  I remembered Jen's post and called her to find out if she had already purchased one.  She hadn't so she came over to take a look.

With our kids running crazy around my front yard, we went down the street, inspected the fridge, decided it was worth a try (hey, it's free!), and proceeded it to push it down the middle of the street to my house.  Talk about a workout.   And probably hilarious for my neighbors to watch.   Did I mention it was about 100 degrees outside and 100% humidity?

As we wrestled with the fridge, Jen told me how she had looked at one the weekend before that was $75 and completely falling apart.  Feeling discouraged about her search, she said a quick, silent prayer.  Basically, "Heavenly Father, please let someone throw a fridge away on the side of the road that I can use."  Not two days later I called her about the fridge on the side of the road.  And guess what?  She got the thing home, plugged it in, and it works great (even has an in door ice maker and water dispenser). 

Two weeks later I started browsing Craigslist for a desk.  My sister was coming to Houston for an internship and kindly bringing with her a desktop computer that she didn't use for the kids to play games on.  I was having a difficult time finding something small enough to fit in the space we were planning for it and cheap, but not totally hideous.   At this point, my sister had arrived, brought the computer, and it was just sitting on the floor in the kitchen.  The kids constantly begged me to play, but without a place to set it up, that was difficult.

Then, I remembered Jen's story.  And I figured if it worked for her, it would work for me too.  So I said a little silent prayer asking Heavenly Father for a desk on the side of the road.  I'm not sure that I believed He would actually answer.   That night after Zak got home from work, we loaded the kids in the car and drove around looking for a desk (the next day was trash pick up).  Lo and behold, just two streets away, we spotted the perfect desk waiting for the garbage truck.  Zak shoved it into the back of the car and away we went.   It's now residing in our kitchen, the new home for the computer.

And no, it's not a life altering, big deal miracle that I asked for.  Some might even say that it was probably a coincidence to find a desk.   But I will look at it as the result of a prayer.  A simple, kind of inconsequential request, with a "yes" answer.   I am grateful for the small reminders, like a desk on the side of the road, that the Lord is listening and will answer.

Before (the drawers are not pictured, but more of the same brown):

After (we still need to get drawer pulls).  YELLOW!: 


Kerry said...

I love this, Beth! Thanks for sharing!!

Leanna said...

yay! i'm glad it all worked out

Mom said...

I agree! The Lord is definitely in the small the lemmon-yellow. Peg

Anne said...

So you should think about submitting such stories to the Church magazines departments. I especially loved the title and the tie in to the simple truths that the kids are learning in Primary

rawhide said...

i love the desk...Yellow! I'm happy that it worked out. please send some simple prayers my way!!!

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