Thursday, June 07, 2012

Disney Day Three.

I realized tonight that I never blogged our third day at Disney.  Sadly, because it's been a couple of months, I'm having a hard time remembering everything we did.  I do know it was our easiest, most relaxing day.  At that point, we'd already ridden everything (often more than once), so we each picked our three favorite rides and stuck to those.  It was especially great for avoiding meltdowns with Jak.  He was familiar with all of them and we didn't push him to ride anything new or "risky."  Next time we go to a Disney park, we plan on doing this on Day One to ease him into the park instead of Day Three.

We did have a little bit of an issue when Storey spotted Aladdin and Jasmine.  Jakson apparently has something against Aladdin too (Jasmine counts as a princess, therefore we already knew she was on his Hate List).   We had to stop and let Storey hug on them though.  It was a bunch of older kids (mainly teenagers) in line before her, so they spent a little extra time with her since she's so little.    I love Disney.

Because we weren't in such a rush, we stopped to do some things we've never done before. Like try to pull the sword from the stone. Neither of the kids were destined to be king and Jakson was totally over me taking his picture. 


We also stood in line to get autographs from all of the characters we'd missed the other days. And just in case you are curious why Jakson is willing to pose with these characters and not others, we've determined that he is scared of anyone dressed up that still looks human. I believe they are referred at Disneyland as "face characters." Cinderella, Aladdin, Jasmine, Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell, all fit into this category.  If they are in full costume from head to toe (and not a villain like Captain Hook), Jakson is cool.  As with most things, I do not understand the reasoning behind his thinking.


The kids' favorite rides this year were Gadget's Go Coaster (Jakson) and Ariel (Storey). Storey definitely went on the new Ariel ride over 15 times thanks to indulgent aunts and short lines. I can't wait until Storey is tall enough to go on all the roller coasters. She is going to love them (seriously). 


This was a fantastic trip. We stayed within budget, planned for the worst (meltdown wise), but didn't have to suffer through that, and just had good family fun. Now I want to go back. Like, tomorrow. 

Guess I should start saving my pennies.


Megan said...

DW2014!! I love that you still posted this 4 months later. I can't wait to see you guys next month. What days are you going to be in Utah? We are leaving Thursday early evening but I am trying to convince Kiefer to maybe take an extra day off.

Reyhan said...

EEK! How cute are those mouse ears!

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