Monday, May 28, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Came To Town-Alligator Edition

Grandma had two requests when she came to Houston-play with grand kids and see alligators. We had told her about our trips to Brazos Bend and she wanted to see it for herself.


 I'm not sure if she realized that there are no fences between you and the alligators. Makes life a lot more exciting. Come visit! Death defying acts!

Guess we'll go a different way. 

Once again Grandma was amazing at spotting logs/rocks/other inanimate objects shaped like animals.  In fact, a couple of them were so convincing that all of us had to get up close to really decide if it was wood or alligator we were looking at.  The first actual, real reptile she pointed out first was the one above (across the path).   Good eye ref!

We came across other, less intimidating creatures as well. 

If you live in Houston and haven't taken a trip to Brazos Bend, I highly recommend.


Jen said...

I don't get it. How is this safe?

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