Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Came To Town-Galveston Edition

Zak's dad had one request when he came to Houston---to visit the beach.  I tried to explain that it's nothing like the pretty beaches he's seen before OR the ones he'll see in Bali soon, but he wanted to go to Galveston anyway.  Dreams do come true. 

On Saturday we headed to Galveston to ride the ferry and look at the brown ocean.   Admittedly, it did make me want to go back for a weekend, sit on the beach, and read.   Something about the crash of waves, no matter the color, just sounds like relaxation.

First we rode the ferry.  Apparently, Monkey was shivering, so Storey zipped him up in her jacket.  Such an attentive mother.


 It was a little cold/very windy and there were very few dolphins this time around.  But hey! it's free! 



Look! There's a dolphin! No, that's just a rock that looks like a dolphin (Grandma became notorious for seeing animals where they weren't).



We made a quick stop at the ice cream shop on the Strand (yum!) and the train museum. I'm not sure it was worth the money for Grandma and me, but the boys and Storey had fun!   They went inside every train that wasn't blocked off with boards.  I have a feeling not all of them were meant for guests.  Storey didn't care about the trains but she did come across some kittens hiding inside a train, which was the highlight of her whole trip.  Possibly her whole life.

These statues freaked Jakson out.  Hence no photos of him.


Those Vermillions are such comedians.


Walking out on the pier.   I didn't realize I was raising a budding superhero. That's ambition for you.  Way to aim high, Storey.

Next up: The day I take my in-laws to a park full of alligators and no fences. I like them, I swear.


Beth Ann said...

Okay, I thought I was the only one who thought the ocean was brown in Galveston.

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