Thursday, April 12, 2012


All ready for her school Easter Egg Hunt. The very picture of innocence.

As Storey climbed into the car and was buckling herself in after preschool on Tuesday, we had the following conversation.

Storey: Mommy, Travis was so mean to me today. He hit me, he kicked me, and he said "There goes the fat girl."

Me: Did he really do that Storey?

Storey: Yes, mommy. It was awful. He is horrible.

Storey is known for her, well, stories.

Me: Are you lying?"

Storey: (violently shaking her head no)

Me: I'm going to have to talk to your teacher about this. Storey, do you think Travis should get in trouble for the way he treated you?

I was watching in the rearview mirror as she suddenly realized the seriousness of her false accusations.

Storey: No he shouldn't get in trouble.

Me: Why not?

Storey: Because it's not true.

I hate to say this about my own kin, but she is quickly gaining the reputation as the biggest liar I have ever met. She was punished accordingly, but I really am at a loss. She looks so sweet and innocent and then BAM!

There goes the fat girl. Really? Where does she come up with this stuff?


Covey and Justin said...

Elijah is our liar. Vinegar on the tongue has accomplished more in one applications than 10 applications of a paddle to his behind ever did. Just a suggestion.

Cerise said...

I think most kids go through that. They seem to be testing out what works and what doesn't. My Munch gets put in time out if the lie is serious, but sometimes it's hard not to laugh.

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