Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lego Cake #1

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a Lego cake to pin, unless your board is called "cake flops" this is not the blog you want. Just FYI.

With good lighting and angles, normally you can make anyone or anything look appetizing/skinny/well made in a picture. Hide the flaws, only photograph the clean part of the room, have a lady look up at the camera instead of down.... But there was really no helping this cake. It looks pretty ugly in real life and pretty ugly in photos.

It's a Lego block in case you couldn't tell. I realize it might not be obvious. My mom was in the kitchen with it for about 15 minutes before she figured it out. And that's only because I told her. She said, "Oh! I see it."
Not a good sign, folks.

But it's a labor of love (emphasis on the labor). I am no cake maker or cake frostinger, but I take requests and create a cake each birthday because I want my kids to remember that Mom always worked hard to make their birthdays special.

Even if the cakes look like a third grader decorated them.


Cerise said...

If it makes you feel any better, my three year old figured it out pretty quickly and asked me to make him one.

Catey said...

Oh goodness-I'm dying because my 7yr old asked for a lego cake for his bday in February and mine was a total disaster! I should find a picture and link it for you, yours looks like art next to it. :) We tried to go with the rectangular lego brick, cut a 9x13 cake in thirds and layered it and used jumbo marshmallows on was awful! lol thankfully I found a pan for little square cupcakes and those babies with m&ms on top actually did look like legos. I focused on the cupcakes and we just laughed at the cake,

Stacy said...

I just tried to make a light saber with a similar reaction. Steve was like, "oh, yeah I could see that now." He tried to tell me it was good but if you can't tell what it is without me telling you it can't be too great. :)

Christina said...

I'll also try and post mine soon from last year's party ... yours would look right at home next to mine!

Covey and Justin said...

Completely fixable--tint your icing, microwave it and pour it over--you get a shiny flawless finish with no crumbs. Seriously . . .just pour it over what you've already done.

KatieB said...

that is so nice of you to always try to make a special cake for your kids. mine get no such luck. yellow cake with chocolate frosting? done. at least the frosting is homemade.

Christina said...

Okay, got my cake posted

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