Monday, April 09, 2012

Disney Day Two

Oh, only a month later....

Tuesday was Day Two in the parks. Our awesome hotel served breakfast, so we did that and then headed to the Magic Kingdom. It had been rainy and overcast the day before so no one wanted to get wet, but this morning Jakson, Uncle Kiefer, and Zak decided to wear ponchos and ride Splash Mountain (a ride that Jakson NOW claims is his favorite, though at the time, not so much). Thankfully we did not have a repeat of Spacegate 2012, but Jak informed us afterward that he was probably too small to go on that one again. I can live with that.


After the adults switched off at Haunted Mansion (much too scary for the kids), we made our way to Toon Town to ride Gadget's Go Coaster. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite rides. Mainly because Storey is big enough to ride it and she keeps her arms raised the entire time. I'm so excited to see what she'll be like eventually on big roller coasters. For being the type of kid that is hesitant to walk down stairs without holding a hand, she sure loves fast rides.

At Goofy's house in Toon Town. Dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Minnie Mouse (??)

Jak had to take a turn sitting on the pumpkin because it's Storey's nickname for him-Jack O Lantern.


Jakson and Storey tried to ride as many attractions together as they could. Not many let little kids ride together, but some of the slower ones do (Winnie the Pooh, Its a Small World, Monster's Inc, Toy Story Mania, etc). It made my heart happy that they wanted to be together. But Day Two, Storey was sporting a princess dress. And we know how Jakson feels about princesses. When she asked him to ride Winnie the Pooh with her, he refused until she took off that dress. It was important enough to her that she complied.

In line for Pooh Bear

One of the greatest parts of having four adults around was that Zak and I could go off and have mini ten minute dates on a ride together. We rode Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones and a few others alone. So romantic. Okay, probably not, but fun nonetheless.

Thankfully, Storey was able to meet all of the Winnie the Pooh characters that she didn't get to see on our last trip. In fact, I think the kids met every single character they wanted to (except that Jakson wanted to meet Bullseye from Toy Story. I had to explain that he doesn't live in Disneyland, which really confused the poor boy).

Since it's been over a month and I can't remember all the details, I'll just say that we spent the rest of the day riding, hugging, trading, and posing.




Trading pins. Possibly Storey's favorite thing to do at Disneyland.


Leanna said...

that picture of jakson and storey hugging is sooo precious! I love it

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