Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Miracles

Jakson's favorite hang out/alone time spot.
  1. Sunday night, although all signs pointed to appendicitis, (the three solid hours of screaming, tenderness of the belly to the touch, nausea, there was no way it was constipation) after a Priesthood blessing and lots of prayers, we walked (nay, SKIPPED) away from the ER with a diagnosis of....perfectly fine. I don't even want to think about the havoc that would be Jakson recovering from surgery.
  2. Our freezer that quit working on Sunday was up and running Monday morning. All day Sunday the temperature steadily rose and our anxiety grew with each "diy freezer repair" Google search. So glad we won't be learning that skill this week (though I'm still wary about putting food back. The freezer needs to prove it's trustworthy).
  3. After four long months of Jakson in full day kindergarten and 5:30 bedtimes (yes, really), we made the decision during Spring Break that the benefits no longer outweigh the costs and told the school that he is going back to the original shortened day schedule. I was expecting a fight. I had my fists and test scores at the ready. Nothing. They have said nothing. I am so grateful. Especially to have my well rested, happy boy back.


Cami said...

If you haven't seen the pilot episode of "Touch," you need to watch it on Hulu. Jakson obviously doesn't have as many issues as Jake in the show, but this picture of Jak up on the swingset reminded me to tell you about the show!

Anne said...

Well, if you have no trees to climb, you improvise and climb the swing set.

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