Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Funday?

Yesterday went something like this:

Get out of the shower to Jakson at my bathroom door covered in dried blood (up and down his arms, all over his face and hands), realize the blood had been coming from his nose, feel relieved, throw him in the bath, go in to wake up Storey only to discover she has peed all over herself in the night, bathe her (do all of this alone because Zak left for church meetings hours ago), change her bed, get everyone dressed in Sunday best for church, drive 30 minutes to church, deal with Jakson who refuses to go to any of his classes, come home and feed the kids lunch, discover that the freezer isn't working and all the food inside has defrosted (thankfully, not the deep freeze we use the most, just the regular freezer), move all of the food to the other freezer or into the fridge to use this week, rush back to church to listen to my dad speak in another ward, come home and attempt to put the kids down for a nap, cue Jakson's screaming which lasts a number of hours, make dinner during the screaming, plan for a church meeting Zak and I are in charge of while rocking Jakson, get ready to leave for church meeting, decide I will stay home because Jakson is still screaming, Zak leaves, Jakson screams, Jakson falls asleep, Jakson wakes up, screams, Jakson falls asleep, Jakson wakes up, screams, call Zak at meeting and tell him that he needs to come home, head to the ER, spend three hours waiting while Jakson moans and groans, get into the room to see the dr only to discover that Jakson has decided he is totally, absolutely fine, and literally skips out of the hospital.


Covey and Justin said...

Oh my goodness. My heart goes out to you. Sometimes, just surviving the day is accomplishment enough. Hope Monday is better!!

Shenna said...

Yikes. That's what I'd call a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You should probably move to Australia. :)
Hopefully today is going much, much better!

Caroline said...

Oh, Beth. I know 2 things for absolute certain. #1: no one, and I mean NO ONE beats your stories. #2: you are a saint.

Hang in there!

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