Saturday, February 18, 2012

Parents just don't understand

Last Monday Zak was giving the lesson for Family Night about bearing your testimony. Our lessons are short and sweet around here (attention spans end before we even finish the opening song), so he was using this familiar illustration and Book of Mormon story as the main focus. After explaining that King Noah had chained up the prophet Abinadi he asked the kids, "What do you think Abinadi is telling Noah?" Of course, the answer is his testimony.

But Storey answered, "He's telling Noah to build a boat!!"

Wrong Noah, kid.

And lest you think that she's always this cute and funny, tonight after she was told that no, she couldn't have any candy from the Easter aisle, she proceeded to have a screaming fit so loud (like, VERMILLION loud) and obnoxious that we literally had Target employees following us through the store as we made our way up to the exit. I am pretty sure they thought she was being kidnapped. Awesome.

And the parent of the year award goes to......
Though Zak said it best: If we were going to kidnap a child, wouldn't it be one better behaved than she?!??!?


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