Saturday, January 28, 2012


  • Since meeting with the principal and teacher last week we haven't had any other problems with the bullying issue. Thank goodness. I pray every day that it stays this way.
Storey reading to Monkey-January 2012

  • Storey and I finished reading Charlotte's Web together. I was surprised at her desire to have me read a chapter book aloud, but she loved it and now we are moving on to her next selection, How to Eat Fried Worms. Although she chose it, she keeps telling me how gross it's going to be. This should be interesting.
Playing with Grandma and Grandpa Criddle-December 2011

  • Speaking of Storey and books, she was the line leader at preschool last week which means the teacher also asks Storey some questions and posts her answers on the wall. Sort of a "star of the week" deal. While dropping her off, I noticed the poster and stopped to look. One of the lines read, "Storey went to the library and checked out a 'self help' book." I stood there trying to decipher the meaning until I realized that her terrible lisp was misinterpreted. She actually got a "shell" book but the teacher couldn't understand her, so it was translated into "self" which turned into "self-help". I did wonder....

The kids with Aunt Leanna.
  • Jakson and I have been watching the rides at Disneyland on YouTube. I am never more grateful for tourists who video tape random rides (why do people do this???) then the month before our Disneyland trip. And pin trading. Grateful for those videos too. It was the only way I was able to get Jakson anywhere near the pins. A strange thing to be afraid of---your guess is as good as mine on that one. Last year one of our big mistakes was not watching every.single.ride before our trip. We only watched MOST of the rides. This year we're making up for it by watching all of them. Multiple times. I may be sick of Disney before we even go. But I am determined to ride Peter Pan this year without a meltdown.
  • Zak and I have been making our way through a couple of Top 100 Movies of All Time lists, skipping the R rated and those we've already seen. It's been great fun. There are so many fabulous movies I would have never watched otherwise. I think our favorite new discovery so far has been All About Eve.

  • Jakson has figured out that a kid from his kindergarten class lives a few houses down from us. While this sounds fun, it's actually a terrible headache. The little boy doesn't seem to want to play with Jak but social cues are definitely not something Jak excels at interpreting. And because he becomes fixated on things quite easily, he is constantly asking to go outside to see if the little boy is in his front yard. If he's not, Jak stands in front of his house yelling his name over and over again. It's quite awful. A couple of days ago the little boy finally came out while we were riding bikes out front, but only long enough to capture his dog that had escaped from the backyard. Jakson was sure that his moment to play had come and was so excited. But despite his best efforts, the little boy completely ignored him and retreated back into his house without even acknowledging Jak. Jakson lost it. Full meltdown in the front yard. If you haven't had the privilege of dragging your five year old kicking, crying, and screaming across your front lawn and into the house, then you haven't lived. I told Zak that night that I want to move again. Arg.


Immeasurably More Mama said...

First of all, these photos are beautiful. I'm so sorry about the neighbor situation. I know it can't be easy to deal with the meltdowns and I'm sure your Momma's heart breaks for Jakson who just wants a friend.

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