Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who has a beard that's long and white?

On Christmas Eve, the kids found Charlie under the tree hanging out with the Nativity. We figured it was a good mix of the religious and secular.


After Santa's delivery (but before he finished the orange and cookies. Oops!).



Christmas morning was wonderful. The kids were so very excited about everything (though Jakson wasn't as thrilled about his frogs to begin with as we had thought he would be). Storey had the best "surprise" facial expression with every gift she opened.

I was pretty proud of myself budget wise. I was able to use coupons, etc to get their presents and only spent about $50-$60 on each kid. It also helps that they have very generous grandparents, aunts, and uncles who always spoil them. And that we never watch any commercials, so really they don't know what they are missing. Makes them easy to please.

Possibly the most talked about gift this Christmas? Cheetos left in the stocking.


It looks like the color pink vomited on Storey's presents.

My favorite gift to give this year had to be this shirt for Zak. Only Harry Potter fans will understand. Shirt found here.



Seth and Peggy said...

Must be Santa! Must be Santa!

I love how you said the color pink vomitted on the presents. ha! I think I just might have to use that line sometime. Given the three girls, I'm sure I'll have plenty the opportunities to come.

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