Friday, December 23, 2011

My boy

I'm taking pictures all the time, but, lately, not many of my own kids. I have been making a conscious effort the past couple of weeks to take more photos of the kids and their comings and goings. Here's one of my favorites of Jak. I may be biased, but he's beautiful.


I know he doesn't look it, but Jakson is super excited for Christmas. This morning he ran in, woke us up, and yelled "It's Christmas! Santa came and left us presents!" Which taught us a valuable lesson: never wrap all of the presents from the Aunts in one night and put them under the tree. In the morning, it really does look like Santa came. He was quite disappointed when we informed him that Christmas morning was, in fact, two days away. Thank goodness he went right back to bed.


Melissa said...

He is a beautiful kid. . . sorry about the gift thing - what a total bummer for him, to think it was Christmas - only to realize it was just us! :) We are no match for Santa.

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