Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is it bright in here?

When putting together a gingerbread house, be sure to don your most festive beach attire.


Yesterday the kids and Zak made a very small gingerbread house (seriously, the thing looked so much bigger on the box!!). A lot of the candy intended for the house ended up in Storey's mouth, but they had a fabulous time and since she was already on a sugar high from all of the other junk she had eaten, the extra candy didn't make much of a difference.




Have I mentioned that I'd like to completely skip Christmas Eve Day next year? Talk about naughty children. Jakson was definitely overstimulated/high on anticipation and extremely difficult to deal with. If the naughty/nice list was based on one day, these two certainly wouldn't be getting presents. They would get "a cold" (as Jakson says) instead.


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