Monday, December 19, 2011

I wonder if our elf aspires to be a dentist.

Writing a blog post is on my to-do list, but it's one of those things that gets skipped over for more important items. Like shower (which sadly, gets skipped over more often than it should).

A few weeks ago I started noticing a trend on Pinterest. The Elf on the Shelf. Everyone was pinning ideas-places for him to hide, naughty things for him to do, etc. December 1st came and went. Friends posted on Facebook the child-selected elf names and photos of where he'd been found in the mornings. It all looked cute, but Jakson gets freaked out by princesses and dry heaves when he sees babies, so I figured he probably wouldn't be so keen on a little elf that watches your every move.

But school does amazing things. Jak started coming home talking about Rudy. At first I thought it was a kid in his class, but this Rudy character did some crazy stuff. I think what tipped me off was Jakson's description of Rudy sleeping on the book box. This was not a child. It was an elf! Then Jakson wanted to write a letter and ask Santa for an elf at home. Only Santa hadn't exactly planned on having one...... But wanting to take advantage of the believing years as much as possible, I knew Santa would love to send an elf to our house. So, I postponed the letter writing with various excuses until the North Pole (a.k.a. Barnes & Noble) was notified of our elflessness. The letter was written and lo and behold, Charlie (the elf) appeared on our Christmas tree the next morning. Amazing how that works (and how quick B&N shipping is!).

If only I would have videotaped Jakson's face. Or Storey's reaction when Zak tried to take Charlie off the tree. He didn't know the rules, apparently (touching=lost magic). Storey berated him for at least 5 minutes, complete with a hip shake and a finger wag. Zak will never make that mistake again.

A few of the places our elf, Charlie, has been found.

Charlie isn't naughty. In fact, he's too tired after doing all that flying back and forth to really get creative at all in his hiding, but the kids love searching for him in the morning and (knock on wood), he hasn't yet flown to the exact same spot two days in a row (although we had a near miss this morning when I realized I left him hanging on the light fixture in the kitchen overnight and quickly moved him to the pantry).


Christina said...

I didn't really want to have one more thing to do this holiday but last year Will saw his cousin's elf, and yep ours arrived, as Santa promised, after this Thanksgiving. These believing years are magical!

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