Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful 30-the final 11

20-Children that still believe in magic.

I've got to appreciate it now because I don't know how much longer it will last. Really looking forward to this Christmas season with two kids that believe.

21-Small miracles

Towards the beginning of the month I said we are now paying only $40/week for Jakson's therapy. Well, I was wrong. Last time I went in, the receptionist let me know that I had actually been overpaying (?!??!?). Now my co-pay is only $20/week.

Let's do the math. Utah therapy=$1200/month. Texas therapy= $80/month. That's a 93% savings!!

22-A new car

Goodbye you Stupid Subaru.

P.S. Come to find out, not only did the mechanics who replaced our transmission overcharge us, they also put the completely wrong transmission into our car. What a debacle. And these people call themselves professionals... So so so very glad to be rid of that car.

23-My mother

I've put this one off because I could fill pages and want to keep it short and sweet.

What a blessing it is to live close to my mom. She listens, she sacrifices, she cares, she babysits, she feeds's wonderful. Thank you mom for 31 (almost 32) years of nurturing. If I do half as good of a job, I will be happy

24-Good neighbors

Somehow we left our garage door open after going to bed a few nights ago. Our sweet next door neighbor, Emily, came home late and texted us to let us know so that we could get up and close it. Nice to know that someone is looking out for us and our home.

25-A caring school nurse.

I've already received five calls from the nurse this year regarding various "injuries" that Jakson has been sent to her with. He's never really hurt (and never cries), but it's nice to know that someone at the school is concerned and will let me know what is going on.

26- Supportive friends.

I truly have some amazing friends. Many of them don't live anywhere near me (okay, MOST don't live near me), but through blogs, Facebook, gmail chat, etc, we manage to keep in touch . They've prayed for me, given me advice, let me complain, laughed at my jokes....I don't know what I would do without these girls. Most of them I hardly ever see. Some it's been years, but I know that I can count on them to love me no matter what.

27-Video chat

We weren't able to spend Thanksgiving with Zak's family, but we still got to experience their craziness through the wonders of the internet. Although Jakson and Tyler making faces at each other for 15 minutes straight isn't all that entertaining, I'm glad that the kids still get to "spend time" with the Vermillions through video chat.


Over and over again, I've seen the miracles that paying a tithe can bring. I have a deep and unwavering testimony that it is a law of the Lord and that he will keep his promises to pour down blessings upon those who abide by it. The blessings are not always monetary and not always immediate, but they always come.

29-Spiritual guidance

Earlier this year, before our move to Houston, we were given an amazing job opportunity. It seemed to be the answer to thousands of prayers. But for some reason, we felt like it was not right for our family. I still don't understand all of the reasons why. Or even any of the reasons why. But I know that our family is now in the right place at the right time. I am grateful to have that assurance and to have the knowledge that my Father in Heaven cares enough about our family to lead and guide us.

30-My children

I can definitely be snarky about those two, but I have an enormous amount of love for them. Days may be difficult, sometimes I just want to go back to bed and get away from the whining and fighting, but I know someday I'll look back on these years with little people and have selective amnesia. I'll remember the wonderful moments. The cuddles, hugs, arms reaching up to be held, tears that can only be rid by mommy's kiss, and really miss it. I need to be better about living in the now and appreciating each stage as it comes (rather than wishing this three year old diva phase would hurry up and end!).


Leanna said...

I am grateful for mom too :-)

elavulo2tall said...

Hey, not all of us are crazy. . .

elavulo2tall said...

The comment above was me - Melissa - I am on a friends computer!

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