Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thankful 30-7, 8, 9

I'm a little bit behind. I've spent the last two days up to my eyeballs in 80 lbs of chicken. Canning, freezing, making freezer meals..... I have a blister on my finger from cutting it all up. Battle wounds.

Thankful 30-7

Alone time
I'd never really had alone time before we moved to Houston. Now I have 8-9 hours/week!! It's amazing the amount of stuff I can get done. I've even been able to go out to lunch and once used the hours to go on a date with Zak. It's like an entirely new life. Of course, I've added enough responsibilities to my plate to successfully fill all of the extra time. One of these days I'll learn to relax.

Thankful 30-8

A clean bill of health
Every year Zak goes in to his gastroenterologist and every year they tell him the same thing---no problems, but come back in 12 months for more tests. I always feel very nervous before each appointment, thinking THIS is the year they will find something wrong. In March, rather than give the expected instructions, Zak's doctor instead told him not to worry about coming back. Ever. He should have blood work done every few years with the family doctor, but no longer has to see a specialist. The doctor is confident that there will not be a relapse. What an enormous blessing.

Now if our life insurance could just get on board and quit charging us so much for Zak!

**If you have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to Zak's health, you can read this post about it (and our dog who also suffered from an auto immune disease)

Thankful 30-9

My first nephew
My brother and sister in law just found out they are having a boy! Jakson will be so excited to have an impressionable young cousin to teach bad things (i.e. how to climb pantry shelves to get the snack you want). I'm excited to be an aunt again!


Cami said...

Wait, which sibling is expecting a baby?

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