Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thankful 30-3

Funny kids

My kids drive me crazy but I have to admit, they are hilarious. The laughter around here balances out the insanity.

How can she even see? Did that not bother her at all?!?

Some examples of late (sorry if you read these previously on Facebook. I add them there first so I can remember them for the blog later).

Looks like we won't be moving to the Hamptons so that Jakson can play tennis after all. Apparently, I misunderstood him. He doesn't want to play tennis, he wants to play ping pong. That's right, my five year old wants to play competitive PING PONG.

During Jakson's parent teacher conference today, we discovered that Markdrew, the kid Jak always talks about is actually TWO people. Twins, in fact. Not sure how to break that to him.

Storey informed me this morning that I'm "like, 40 million inches tall" When I asked her where she found the tape she was measuring with, she said "my office."

Didn't realize we had so many rooms in our house.

Scene: Walking out the door on the way to preschool this morning. Storey is carrying her monkey, a bear, and a purse full of odds and ends she's hoarded.

Me: Storey you cannot take all of that crap with you.

Storey (as she drops the bear): I'm just going to take 2 craps. My monkey and my purse.


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