Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thankful 30-2

A sense of permanence

Living in Utah was a struggle for us for a myriad of reasons, but a big one was the state of limbo. Because Zak was constantly applying for jobs and we were always hoping to get one, I had issues signing the kids up for classes or buying theater tickets in advance or even planning a vacation. It was very very annoying. Not a way to live.

I'm so relieved to finally be in a place where we are not constantly wondering what the next month will bring. I know where we will be living, where the kids will attend school, and that we can purchase a cruise for next spring without moving in the meantime across the country (I CAN do this in theory, but our bank account is holding us back).

Until the next move.....

Another perk of living in one place for a little while-we can plant things! And they grow!

Just in case you're curious: Today we counted cars, bikes, strollers, and scooters. Things that get us around. Eleven pennies for the jar. Though I was tempted to only count the Subaru as half a penny. That stupid car.


Shenna said...

I kinda laughed really hard at that last sentence.

I'm really happy for you guys and your permanence!

Megan said...

Storey looks crazy in that picture. By the way, if you guys are ever thinking about a cruise, let Kiefer and I know. We have never been and have been wanting to go on one for a while now. Just a thought.

Camille said...

I felt the same way in Utah. Not that we're any more "permanent" now, but at least I know what's coming - and when.

Storey makes me laugh. You think she would take pity on JBallz and marry him in about 25 years or so?

Ryan and Brooke said...

I just have to tell you that your penny idea is great and I am totally stealing it and using it for our family. Thank you! I also wanted to thank you in general for all of your service ideas. You are the most service-oriented person I know. Thanks for your altruistic example. Glad you guys are doing well!

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