Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful 30-19

Well, I've really slacked off. Things are just super busy with PTO stuff, photo shoots, holiday preparations, wrapping presents....I'm sure I have other excuses as well. I'm going to try and catch up to 30 in the next couple of days.

19-Bountiful Baskets

Part of the basket from a couple of weeks ago.

I had no idea when I started picking up a basket every Saturday morning that a few short months later I would be running my own site. But I love it. Because of Bountiful Baskets we have great produce to eat (which makes us eat more healthy), I have a chance to serve the community, and I have gotten to know some really wonderful people. It would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't so dang early in the morning and the truck would show up on time!


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