Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful 30-11, 12, 13

Behind. Again.

Thankful 30-11

Running, clean water
I think we take this for granted. Correction: I think this is something I take for granted. Maybe you don't. I was thinking about it as I took a hot shower today. In many parts of the world, a hot shower is a foreign concept. Water period that hasn't been hauled in by jugs after walking a few miles is a foreign concept. Aren't we lucky???

Thankful 30-12

Health Insurance
Although our insurance in UT didn't pay for Jakson's therapy, I was still very grateful to have it when both kids had to get tubes, Zak needed blood work done, and every time someone got sick. Not I'm even MORE grateful fot it because instead of paying $1200/month for Jak's therapy, we pay $120. What an amazing blessing.

Too bad all of that extra money goes towards fixing the stupid Subaru (obviously, I have not found a way to be grateful for that car yet).

Thankful 30-13

Chocolate Chip Cookies/Sunday Baking Day
Earlier this year, I implemented Sunday Baking Day in an attempt to lose a little weight. I don't think it's working, but it is fun to contemplate what our dessert for the week will be. Today we made chocolate chip cookies because Zak's are the best. And sometimes that's all I need to make a day just a little better. We use this recipe sans the swirl chips (semi-sweet instead). Yum.


Camille said...

A. My mean husband made me read an article about how the water in Djibouti tastes like salt.

B. Read this:

*katie said...

We didn't have running water for 48 hours because our water main burst...let me tell you, I definitely gained an even greater appreciation for water that comes out of tap as soon as you turn it on. Good thing we had wipes on hand and water storage!

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