Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful 30-10

Great In-Laws


I am so lucky. I have heard many horror stories about in-laws and I can honestly say that I love mine as much as my own family. They are awesome. And hilarious (mainly Zak's siblings-though when the snowflake sunglasses come out, all bets are off.). My mother/father in law are such incredible examples for us and for our kids. I miss them a lot. It was so great to be able to live close to them for a couple of years.


tiffunny said...

you do have great in-laws! I miss ever getting to see them. They were always so much fun. Are they still on their mission or is it over now?

Steve said...

I think it is us that are the most are the greatest daughter in law EVER. We love you!!! The real statement should be "Beth Vermillion RULES".

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