Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thankful 30-1

I look forward to November and December as months to reflect on the year's blessings and do a couple of service projects as a family. Thankful 30 has sort of become a November tradition for me. It's nice to really focus on the positives-we are so very blessed.


Jakson's teacher

Jakson's first day of full day kindergarten was today. That may sound odd, but he's been on a parent-inflicted shortened schedule until now. The original plan was to keep him at the half day until after Christmas, but we also decided that if he ever expressed the desire to stay the whole time, we would revisit the issue. Last Thursday and Friday he suddenly started asking to stay. In fact, I got a note from the teacher letting me know that he had started to cry because he wanted to continue the day at school when I came to pick him up. After a long discussion, Zak and I are willing to have him try it out. His teacher has set up a "break room" for Jak and we are in constant communication about how he is doing. I would not feel comfortable with this change at all if I didn't know he was in good hands.

If there is a picture in the dictionary next to "kindergarten teacher," it's probably of her. I'm so glad that she enjoys having our quirky guy in her class.

P.S.-Today we are starting a little family service project. Every day in November we are going to be counting a different category of items in our home and putting a penny for each one in a jar. For instance, one day we will count all of the puzzles/games and put that many pennies in a jar. Another day all of our jars of peanut butter, etc. At the end of the month, we will be donating that money to a local food bank. Depending on how much it is, we may replace each penny with a nickel or dime. We think it's a good way to remind our children (and ourselves) of the many material things we have been blessed with. Just in case you are curious, today we're counting shoes.


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