Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I never blog anymore. Things around here have been crazy. Between Zak working 80 hours/week (including a 36 hour sleepoverattheoffice stint), teaching my photography class, Jakson's therapy starting, and regular busyness of school and life, I haven't had a whole lot of time.

A couple of weekends ago (when Zak actually had a Saturday off), we drove up to Camp For All in Brenham. A friend of mine was running a camp for kids with autism and invited us to come and check it out. I loved being up at Camp For All again. It had been 7 or so years since I had been there last with Camp Champions (I was the director for a camp for people with disabilities). I spent many, many summers there and have so many fun/crazy memories. Oh, the stories I could tell you.


It's an amazing facility, built to be accessible to all people. Extra wide sidewalks, cabins with wide doorways, accessible showers and toilet areas--they've really thought of everything. Zak was very impressed and Jakson wanted to stay and live there. He's not quite old enough to attend camp, but I am glad he was able become more familiar with the site and activities. He's a lot more open to things if they aren't completely new concepts. I am really excited for him!

Jakson and his trusty goggles. They apparently make him invincible.
Fun family times.


Shenna said...

What a neat thing to have around! And the fact that you used to be a part of it is even cooler! I've missed you blogging. :)

Stephanie Johnson said...

Beth - I'm looking for your email and can't find it. My aunt is looking to print an 11x14 of the Houston Temple and I was wondering if you've taken one that she could print out? It's for a craft project she's doing. I know you take amazing pictures so I thought I would ask. :) ~Stephanie

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