Monday, October 31, 2011

He's not an astronaut, he's just dressed like one.

Jakson is not the biggest fan of Halloween. Never has been. In fact, I would venture to say that it's his least favorite holiday. He doesn't love candy, hates parties, and is scared of most costumes. Which rules out just about everything fun about October 31st.

Mostly, he doesn't like it when people comment "oh, so you're an astronaut." Because he is not, in fact, an astronaut. He is Jakson. Dressed as an astronaut. Every year we have the same exact meltdown. This year we had two. One for him, and he also had one for Storey. Because she called herself a pink owl. And, you guessed it, she is not really a pink owl. Actually, "There is no such thing as a pink owl!!" Oh, the joys.

Jakson's distaste for Halloween means that he may or may not wear a costume. Rather than spend hours making something that might not get worn, I have opted the past couple of years to buy his costume. He decided pretty early on that he wanted to be an astronaut this year (after watching Bill Nye's space video over and over again). He also wanted a real helmet, but the only tutorials I found online used a glass fish bowl. Kid with sensory issues + glass fish bowl = a lot of broken glass. We opted for a fabric, kind of ugly helmet instead.


We didn't end up doing any trick or treating tonight, but we did have a major breakthrough when he chose to walk from car to car with Daddy and Storey at the very end of trunk or treat Saturday. Maybe next year he won't run and hide every time he sees a princess. Baby steps.


Lori said...

Jakson dressed as an astronaut is very cool!

Stacy said...

I hate Halloween too. We should live closer and me and Jak could hang out while y'all and Steve take the kids out. I don't even enjoy handing out candy so we are perfect for each other!

bethany said...

Stacy-you would definitely have to move to Houston because I'm not moving back to Utah :)

Holly North said...

You are very wise to not to use a glass bowl with Jak. Wow, just thinking about that. . . he would come up with some elaborate way to have fun with that, like filling it with something and dropping it off the roof. I don't know. Jakson is so awesome!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, this post made me miss the kiddos so much. I love both their Halloween costumes and I love the second picture of Jak. It looks like he is saluting the camera or something. I love those kids.

FamilyKolbaba said...

Grayden had a similar issue with his costume.
"Hey, it's Mr. Incredible!"
"NO! I'm DASH! I'm fast like Dash!"

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