Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting ahead

Allow me to complain:

Zak has been working long hours. Long, as in, he literally spent the night at the office last week. It's been difficult, but I have been telling myself that this is a blessing in disguise because we will finally be able to finish paying off our students loans and be COMPLETELY debt free (he is salaried, but also bills/gets paid for overtime). We have spent the last 5 years since Zak graduated throwing every extra cent at the students loans and I am looking forward to putting those dimes somewhere else. So, every night/weekend that Zak has been gone, I've just repeated to myself "no debt, no debt, no debt" and the desire to walk out of the house and let the kids fend for themselves lessens a little.

Yesterday, Zak was finally able to take a day at home (he still worked, just remotely) because we needed to take the Subaru in to get safety/emissions done. To make a long story short, the mechanic discovered that the car will not pass and it needs about $1500 worth of work. Which brings our repair tab on this car SINCE JULY 2011 to a whopping $6500. Not to mention the $2000-$3000 paid to repair it in months previous. On a car that is worth MAYBE $3500. That we've only owned for 15 months.

Thinking about this makes me want to go out to the garage and spend my morning kicking the tires. In fact, I may just do that.

So instead of having a debt free celebration when Zak gets paid this weekend, we'll be looking for a new car to purchase. At this point rather than get the car repaired again, we've decided to cut our losses. We've thought over and over that this absolutely has to be the last costly repair, but it doesn't seem to be the case. The car is a lemon. We've come to terms.

But we wonder-when we will ever be able to get ahead????

End of rant.

Because there's some unwritten rule about blog posts needing photos, here's a couple of the aforementioned children that have not been walked out on...yet.


While Zak was working Saturday, my parents took us to a festival that was going on at the local community college. The kids loved it. Bounce houses! Balloons! Candy! The science department even had microscopes set up with slides of bones and blood. Jakson was in heaven. And I was in heaven because the kids were so tired afterwards that naps were longer than usual. At this point, that's how I gauge the success of an activity.


Shenna said...

Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. Cars are a necessity but such a money pit! Sorry you've had so many problems with this one.

Beth Ann said...

Wait...the car with the awesome flip up headlights?! Hope your car woes are over soon! I hate when cars aren't working properly.

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