Friday, September 09, 2011

Some stuff

  • Storey insisted on wearing a princess dress today to run errands. She wanted to wear the matching shoes, but I do draw the line somewhere. Princess shoes + 3 year old = injuries.

  • Speaking of injuries.....while we were at the library, I got a call from the school nurse. Jakson was walking with his class outside and somehow managed to slip off the curb and face plant into a parked car. That's my boy. Frankly, I'm surprised a visit to the nurse hadn't come earlier. Two whole weeks without an injury! (He's fine, by the way).

  • I've been in a book rut the past few days. Every book I've picked up, I've lost interest in quickly. Because I'm no longer assigned these books by teachers, I can just turn them back into the library without finishing them, but I always want to give the thing a chance. After getting half way through one of them last night, I gave up and started on a YA biography. Not my usual genre, but I'm really enjoying it. Finally!

  • After Jakson got home from school, I asked him how he managed to run into a car and he informed me that the the sun was bright so he was walking with his eyes closed. Wow. Not sure what to say about that.

  • This week I had my very first day alone in five years. Both kids were finally healthy and both went to school. I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to be able to grocery shop without screaming children. Maybe you don't know because yours don't scream all the time, but I will attest: it is fantastic. Then Thursday, I went and had brunch with a friend!! I know! BRUNCH! WITH A FRIEND! AND NO SCREAMING CHILDREN! This is what freedom feels like.

  • My Bountiful Basket site is set to open next Saturday! I'm a little nervous seeing as it's the first in Houston and I'm worried about everything going smoothly, but excited to finally be getting cheap produce again!! Contributions (basket orders) open on Monday at noon. If you want more info about the BB site in Houston, sign up for my newsletter here. Bountiful Baskets is completely volunteer run--anyone who is interested in volunteering at the site is welcome to come help out!

  • I'll be teaching a photography crash course class locally in October. If you are interested in learning about using your camera's manual settings and taking better photos, head over to my photo site to get all of the details.


Amanda J said...

Yay for mother's day out! And yay for brunch with a friend!

Christina said...

Those few hours are priceless! Enjoy!

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